Twenty-nine Things To Achieve In My 29th Year


“Be more like Glen Coco” just missed out on the list.

  1. Rid the ‘toxic’ people in my life
  2. See the world
  3. Be a tourist in my own backyard
  4. Find a new TV addiction that doesn’t involve Matthew Gray Gubler
  5. Branch out of my current movie viewing genre of ‘Ryan Gosling is in it’
  6. Get a step closer to meeting Matthew Gray Gubler and Ryan Gosling
  7. Finally invest in a new TV as my current one resembles a Dalmatian
  8. Get through my never-ending stack of books
  9. Wear pink on Wednesdays
  10. Determine other ways to sneak in Mean Girls quotes and scenarios into my life
  11. Actually get to my goal weight
  12. Not gorge on pancakes like I did this morning
  13. Invest in a pair of Doc Martens
  14. Sell my clothes that are swelling in my loungeroom cupboard (Does anyone want to buy some clothes that are either whim purchases, size 12 or only fit on ladies that don’t have breasts?)
  15. Perfect cooking quinoa
  16. Get around to framing my collection of Frankie posters
  17. Do a juice detox and pray that it doesn’t activate a reaction similar to what happens during a colonic irrigation
  18. Not stack it during circuit training
  19. Run once a week, other than during circuit training
  20. Expand my character onesie collection and learn to pronounce the correct Japanese terminology
  21. Get around to watching Dawson’s Creek in it’s entirety and maybe forgive James Van Der Beek for torturing my Matthew in Criminal Minds
  22. Turn up to Supernova in full cosplay regalia
  23. Not get distracted by animals
  24. Cull my handbags…AGAIN
  25. Monogram things in my wardrobe
  26. Get back into my habit of purchasing a new release CD a week and reunite myself with my one true love – music
  27. When times are tough, remind myself that if Britney Spears can get through her nervous breakdown, so can I
  28. Try and appreciate the later seasons of The Simpsons
  29. Not wake up the morning after my 29th birthday party with the Pompeii of hangovers

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