Fudging Hell!

It’s official. I can perfect a dish. While I may not be a Masterchef, in fact a former housemate once remarked that I could burn water, I apparently can make a mean fudge. The last few months, my workplace has been conducting a staff-only “bake off” to raise funds for our Christmas party (pending alcoholism is a fantastic charity). Whilst standing at the checkout of my local Woolworths, I found a fool-proof and simple fudge recipe that requires about three or four ingredients, a brownie tray and the chilling power of a well-known whitegood.

The sheer beauty of this recipe is you can alter it to suit your taste buds. Nuts can give it a crunch (unless you’re like me and hallucinate after having a peanut M&M). Fruit and biscuits will give a twist on the black forest classic. Hey, you could even do a fudge version of the Rocky Road! My favourite option is what I have dubbed, “The Rainbow Sugar Hit” with Clinkers and marshmallow. Come on, the world is your fudge shop!


400g dark cooking chocolate (use the block stuff), chopped coarsely

400g light condensed milk

200g of your preferred mix in


1. Chop up your ingredients. Fudge cooks quickly so make sure you are armed and ready to prevent stuff sticking.

2. Put a large saucepan onto low heat, and prepare a fair-sized baking tray (not too shallow, not too deep) with baking paper lining.

3. Combine the chocolate and condensed milk until it has melted and blended in together.

4. QUICKLY place your mix-ins into the saucepan and fold it through with a spatula. Don’t spend too long mixing or you risk things melting and ruin the effect.

5. Distribute evenly into the baking tray, making sure it goes to the edge.

6. Place in the fridge and leave for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. That should give you time to watch a Quentin Tarantino movie, go to the gym for a decent session, or watch four or five episodes of Criminal Minds, replaying any scene where Dr Spencer Reid shines in his Dr Reid glory. But not any Lord Of The Rings movies. You potentially run the risk of having hard fudge. It should be gooey, not like a freaking frozen Violet Crumble.

7. Remove from the baking tray and place onto a chopping board. Now cut into bite-sized pieces and taste the awesomeness!



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