I Ain’t Got The Power

A certain electricity provider (who shall remain nameless or else my next blog entry will be from a holding cell) is ruining my life.


You may ask, “How is a utility that provides a service enabling you to live in this modern era ruining your life?” Well, quite easily –  they send me bills at the most inappropriate times of the year. Inappropriate being when I have excessive birthdays/weddings/bar mitzvahs to attend. Inappropriate being when I’m snowed under with other bills and because I cut up my credit card I can’t rely on that payment source. Inappropriate being Christmas. Seriously, who in their right mind decides to send a power bill due CHRISTMAS EVE. That’s right, the Grinch disguised as a private entity that consumes money more than Gina Rinehart swims in hers Scrooge McDuck-style (that is actually a really disturbing image). This weekend I’ve had to break into my piggy bank to buy milk and vegetables while my peers are partying or shopping or leading a life. Thanks power company.

You see, this business and I have a volatile relationship rivaling that of Rihanna and Chris Brown’s, minus the “I love you even though you bashed the shit out of me” stuff. They love me so much and are so understanding of my financial situation that I have been placed on a “short billing cycle”. I’m sorry, but perhaps if you didn’t send me a power bill due on Christmas Eve we wouldn’t have this problem. Yes, we don’t need to buy Christmas presents for our loved ones, attend end of year functions and buy tickets to travel back home. We can spend that money on bills.

I mentioned the fact that this power supplier hates me to someone the other week and their suggestion was to pay money off each week. Sadly it’s like how one doesn’t simply walk into Mordor. Perhaps they shouldn’t send customers bills at Christmas and Easter, but of course common sense prevails in this case. Give customers some leniency if they pay their bill a couple of days late, not send out a threatening letter typed in capitals on bright red paper informing people that they’re going to cut off supply and hit them with a late fee. Oh no, that’s too easy.

The good news for them is that the bill will be paid two days early. The bad news is that I have to live off kidney beans and the gluten-loaded pasta for a couple of days. The worse news is that Sportsgirl have a 30% off sale and I have nothing to wear.


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