Here I Go Again On My Own…

A couple of months ago I was having lunch at my parents’ house. Now conversation is typically limited to (a) the weather, (b) last night’s news fluff piece or (c) the time my older and once accident-prone brother had to be rushed to the emergency ward after pretending to be a bird. It turned to me and namely my career. While my ultra-awesome parents are accepting of my life choices (other than the ’emergency’ loans and credit card usage if you define the emergency as a Sportsgirl sale), I must admit they do worry. Dad made mention of my writing interest when I was little and how my experiences and views could help, shape and influence people. I’m not sure how inappropriate Silverchair fan fiction and a version of The Three Bears loosely resembling an episode of Blue Heelers could inspire strangers. But you know what, he may be onto something.

In over a quarter of a century, this little black duck has learned a lot. Lessons ranging from the typical hot stove = burns scenario faced as a child to the alcohol experimentations reaching the inevitable bucket-reaching conclusions. That is why people write…to influence and educate the community. Other than the .1% that only write because Carrie Bradshaw did it but who cares about them. I’m hoping that this blog account does my dad proud, meaning that he will have to go to a website other than eBay.

I promise to update this as regularly as possible. I can promise you that this won’t become one of those wanky food blogs. I despise them with a passion and they make me hungry and annoyed as I never get free meals resembling the latest issue of Gourmet Traveller. While I’m at it, don’t get me started on fashion blogs. How come whenever I pull off an awesome outfit there are no professional photographers around? And to make things worse, it’s always designer outfits and probably free. I can assure you my blog won’t turn into either of those.

In closing, greetings interweb friends and strangers!


3 thoughts on “Here I Go Again On My Own…

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